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Customized solutions :

More than complying with your technical performances requirements, our customization process also aims at bringing comfort to the final operators in their very specific use. Basing on our experience in HMI, we therefore advize our customers to integrate the final operators upstream as early as possible in our conception in order to save time and money.

Standard solutions :

We own the design of many off-the-shelf products that we are free to sell to anyone at a very competitive price (amortization of investments already made) in a short delivery time (development, sourcing and qualification already completed). Further, we have developed standard modular products to ensure the best possible compromise between cost-effectiveness, reliability and delivery time. Those modular products are available with many optional functions that we have also standardized.

ATOMS proposes the following modules :

  • Functions: traction, braking, dead-man, preset speed, cabine activation and key switch,
  • Selectors: driving mode and running direction selectors,
  • Sensing options: in-house potentionmeter and contact-less (optical encoder and Hall-effect),
  • Other options: lighting, complete amrest assembly,
  • Communication options: analog and digital outputs and many communications protocols (for more information please check our detailed datasheets).
  • Railway (from Light Rail to High Speed),
  • Naval (military and commercial vessels),
  • Industrial markets (Cranes)