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Engineering Services

Since we design and manufacture by ourselves all core components such as position sensors, strain gages, electronics boards and miniature-joysticks, we have a wide technical expertise and design flexibility that permit us to find and implement more easily the right specific solutions for our customers,

Besides our product know-how, we have built over the time a significant know-how in the development of complex security electro-mechanical systems in highly demanding environment, which implies:

  • Human factors and ergonomics (aiming at comfort for user),
  • RAMS analysis and structural simulations when necessary,
  • Standard type tests such as endurance tests and more specific ones such as Smoke & Fire or HALT,
  • Compliance of the products with specific standards, whether related to a market (ex : MIL-STD for military or UIC 612 for railway) or related to environment (ex : Reach, Rohs),
  • Documentation and certificates (such as Maintenance Manuals or Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) documentation for both Hardware and Software electronics (SSIL) up to SIL3 level,
  • Integrated logistics support (ILS),
  • On-site diagnosis and technical assistance in case of default,
  • Analysis of total acquisition cost: we may have some ideas on how to reduce our customers’ total cost of acquisition (which includes their mounting and maintenance costs) by a change of our product and we are always ready to work more closely with their technical and assembly teams,
  • R&D cooperation: as we believe that really applicable technical breakthrough is only suitable businesswise if we can work closely with a partner customer for a common challenge, we are therefore open to discuss any request for R&D cooperation.